Question: What are the benefits to the PCS3 pool heater?

12 Distinct Benefits Of SolarAttic's attic solar pool heater
• Energy savings that put money into your pocket. The PCS3 pays for itself!
• Satisfaction reducing "ozone problems" by not using heat pumps.
• Satisfaction in reducing the "greenhouse" problem by not using fossil fuels.
• Satisfaction in using an alternative renewable solar energy resource.
• Enjoying solar energy benefits without "ugly & obtrusive" roof panels.
• Comfort & luxury of swimming in a warmer pool the whole family enjoys.
• Relief from budget busting pool energy bills and “restrictive covenant laws”.
• Additional energy savings from reduced or eliminated air-conditioning costs.
• Availability of electricity to run the PCS3 as opposed to fossil fuels.
• Practicality of using attic heat to solve your swimming pool heat needs.
• The fast payback period and continued energy savings from a 20-year design.
• Solar pool heating without the ugly aesthetics & problems of solar roof panels.