Question: What is the heat exchanger made of?
Pool heat pumps have issues with the metal used in the heat pumps. What is the heat exchanger made of?
This question relates to life expectancy due to the limited life of heat pumps made of copper. Heat pumps use about 12 feet of heat exchanger pipe for pool water. They also use chemicals, have high pressures, high temperatures and the metal is surrounded by pool water 100% of the time. Heat pumps also have compressors. Gas pool heaters have direct flames on the metal and most have a copper core.

The PCS3 uses an estimated 120 feet of continuous copper 5/8 inch pipe with aluminum fins. The copper is exposed to running pool water 4% of the time if automated. The PCS3 uses no chemicals or compressors; it has no high pressure, no high temperatures and no direct flames on the metal. Therefore, the metal in the PCS3 behaves like the copper pipe used in the plumbing of a home. The design life is 20-years and this fact has been proven in the marketplace by heating pools. See the testimonials under the "Solar Pool Heater" MENU. See "Understanding Heat Pumps" report under the "Find A Manual" link found in the "Archive" MENU for a full discussion of these life factors in pools.