External Relay Example
Powering Additional Equipment

Grainger Part No. 2ETC1

External Relay Application

Relay Description: The relay has a 120 vac coil and is a DPDT [double pole, double throw] relay, which allows additional pool equipment to be powered by the GL235 Solar control. The double pole relay contacts are useful to cut off BOTH sides of a 220 vac power to the pump. The relay coil is activated and powered from the GL235 through its terminal 6.

Operational Description: When the GL235 initiates automatic "solar ON" based upon the temperature sensors and thermostat setting OR the GL235 is turned manually "ON"— the internal relay K1 closes and connects the hot side of the 120 vac power located at terminal 5 to the relay output at terminal 6. This then supplies power to both the PCS3 and to the external relay K2 coil.

Specific Application: One specific application would be simultaneously powering up the pool pump only when heating the pool. This relay [Grainger part no. 2ETC1] can power a 120 vac 1 hp pump motor or a 240 vac 2 hp pump motor.

Caution Note: Do not connect power from the GL235 terminal 6 to the power input side of the K2 external relay. The power supplied to the external relay should be derived from a separate power source to prevent exceeding the GL235 internal relay's maximum rating of 10 amps.


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