Take Advantage of the Free Energy in Your Attic

By Tim Smith

With everybody’s talking about energy efficiency, it's important to understand the options at your disposal. Renewable energy sources are available to consumers in many forms, and one of the most plentiful forms is solar energy. Take advantage of that clean energy in your own home or at your business by using a solar attic heater.

gb series combination space heater using attic based solar heat energy

The GB-Series Combination "Attic-Based" Solar Space Heater & Attic Ventilation System

What is a Solar Attic Heater?

At a basic level, a solar attic heater is a device that uses the built-up heat in your attic to heat your whole home, or to augment your HVAC system. Additionally, the heat produced in the attic can go to other dedicated heating chores, such as heating a single space or even heating a pool.

Solar Attic Heating is Not about Solar Panels

While solar energy from panels definitely represents a sustainable choice, not every home can use it. The expense of the upgrade can become costly as well. Solar attic heating is something altogether different.

Ever noticed how hot it can get in the attic? Your attic takes in a lot of heat and retains it. But instead of attempting to get rid of that heat, you can use it to your advantage. Look at it as free energy.

The way solar attic heating facilitates the use of that energy is by simply using a fan and heat exchange. As the heater picks up the heat from outside, the fan pushes the hot air to the heat exchange. From there, the gathered heat can be pushed to wherever you desire depending on your setup.

You can find this process happening with different names and wholly different setups, but that is the basic premise. You don’t need to install solar panels or cover your attic with a bunch of see-through panels.

Who Can Benefit From Solar Attic Heating the Most?

Virtually everyone can benefit in some way from solar attic heating methods. There are a variety of systems that serve different purposes. In fact, it’s not always necessary to use the home or building's attic. It’s also possible to use a garage attic or other place where heat naturally gathers.

If you want to save money on energy bills and take advantage of the free, renewable energy all around you, then you can benefit from solar attic heating.

How Much Does a Solar Attic Heating Solution Cost?

It's hard to put a number to the initial price point since each building offers a unique way to set up solar attic heating. In addition, your planned use for the technology will also dictate how much work is required to install the system. With so many variables, it’s important that you speak with a professional about your options first.

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