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SolarAttic Pool Heater Brochure shows graphic of house and swimming pool along with the solar pool heater located inside the attic. Plumbing connections show cooler pool water entering the attic solar pool heater and warmer water exiting the solar pool heater inside the attic. Plumbing also displays the solar control and solar bypass valve used to route water to the attic solar pool heater automatically. The main heading reads Americas Low Cost Way To Heat Pools. The subheading reads save as much as $500 per month for as little as $10 per month.

SolarAttic's "Solar Conservation Technologies" are projected to eliminate 586 million barrels of imported oil annually, which even exceeds the current Alaska (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge) ANWR oil production estimates. View our imported oil reduction calculations on how SolarAttic's technology can do this. SolarAttic developed its first attic solar pool heater in 1986 based on recovering wasted attic heat energy. Most swimming pool owners have a home with a hot attic that can be used to heat their swimming pool for $10/month or less. The solar heat energy found within the roof and attic structure is derived from the sun's solar radiation. Twenty-eight years of field experience with our patented solar technology has taught SolarAttic that its attic solar pool heater generally performs on a par with roof mounted solar panels. Many solar pool heater benefits are available to swimming pool owners without the need to have solar panels mounted on their roof. Here are the roof problems with traditional solar panels, that are avoided when using SolarAttic's attic solar pool heating technology.

Twenty-eight years of consumers using our solar pool heating technology has also shown us that consumers want a real solar pool heating choice. Instead of just another variation on the use of plastic roof panels to collect solar energy, consumers would like search engines to show the attic solar pool heater option on the first page instead of page 3 or later. Yet, this won't happen unless consumers spread the word with their social media to influence the results of Google and other search engines.

Please help us get the word out about SolarAttic's proven alternative solar energy and conservation technologies. Select your social networks with the buttons to your left and spread the word or use the form below. Together, we can create an Energy Independence Day and a cleaner planet by getting the word out about green technologies like SolarAttic's. We really need your help, because ...

The energy industry is resistant to change, very controlled, and even addicted to government handouts. Note: the government is not involved in SolarAttic. This is a private and entrepreneurial endeavor that seeks only free market solutions. Add to that reality the fact that the dissemination of new information today is very much controlled and all about money and influence.

Simply getting the word out that an inexpensive new energy technology has arrived is a huge cost factor for SolarAttic. Yet, as in the case with pool heating, when consumers are offered a choice in search engines for the keyword phrase "solar pool heater", consumers will pick SolarAttic 7-11% of the time. Those astonishing response (click through) rates were achieved in a 2012 Google test. However, we continue to get buried in Google's search results for this and other pertinent search phrases you might use when you search for solar pool heater options.

Pioneering a new solar energy technology with very limited financial resources has been a challenging venture. Media control over what information the public sees and search engine focus on pay per click (PPC) search revenues have severely limited the public's awareness of SolarAttic's green energy technologies. However, because of relentless bootstrapping efforts, we know that SolarAttic's approach to solar energy is viable for heating pools, houses, and hot water. We even have technology that totally controls the attic environment from a temperature and humidity perspective. This can result in the elimination of ice-dams and the productive use of the heat island effect found within cities for the heating of homes and hot water. SolarAttic awaits awareness levels to increase so these other green energy technologies can be brought to market.

When SolarAttic's new energy technologies save 100 barrels of oil, that is the same as eliminating the need for 100 barrels of oil from drilling! SolarAttic's alternative energy technologies can help make the USA and the rest of the world energy independent and the environment cleaner by reducing the needless burning of fossil fuels. In addition to awareness levels increasing, we patiently await some private investors who will find it is time to invest in proven green energy efficiency technologies. When that occurs, SolarAttic's space heating, ventilation and domestic hot water technologies will become available to the general public. Ed Palmer, SolarAttic's Founder

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