Solar Pool Heater

Notice: There are now 55 pages of our solar pool heater testimonials spanning 25+ years on this web site along with six independent Television News Station video testimonials from five States. Because our solar pool heater is located inside the attic, it is not available to view without inconveniencing our customers. As a result, we offer these written statements, non solicited comments and videos in lieu of trying to match up prospective buyers with existing customers.

For those who want to see what an existing installation looks like inside and outside of the attic, we recommend viewing this Tampa attic solar pool heater video from Tampa Bay's Channel 10 News Station. SolarAttic offers this video testimonial and other attic solar pool heater video testimonials. We also offer this list of recent testimonials dating from 2005 and a list of earlier attic solar pool heater testimonials dating back to 1989 for those people who want to know what our customers have been saying about the SolarAttic pool heater.

What Customers Are Saying


April 25, 2016

"We've now had the solar attic pool heater for 5-6 years at our Condo in Jacksonville and we are very happy. It has been maintenance free and has worked good."

Gary P., Jacksonville FL

April 30, 2016

"I purchased the PCS2 five years ago and it works good."

Mark Hollings, Billings MT

August 21, 2015

"I purchased my PCS1 around 15-17 years ago. Overall I am convinced this is the only way to heat a swimming pool. It is great green technology."

Steve Divnick, Dayton OH

August 19, 2015

"I purchased my PCS2 in 2004. It is working really great! I love how it cools down the attic."

Tom Feutz, Napa CA

August 4, 2015

"Works like a mother! HVAC dealers are best installers. Hard to get past pool service gatekeepers to educate pool owners." Note: Dennis sold and installed several SolarAttic pool heaters in Northern Florida and is currently a building contractor.

Dennis Rogers, Tallahassee FL

June 29, 2015

"Thanks for a great product!"

Mike Whisnant, Concord CA

September 16, 2014

"My pool is 5 degrees warmer than my neighbor's pool."

Doctor in Utah

September 6, 2014

"Mine is one of the original SolarAttic pool heaters [PCS1] installed several years back -- and I love it!"

Allison Heisch, California

Note: Allison upgraded to a variable speed pump and needed help for Pentair tech support to understand what she had hanging inside her attic. Variable speed pumps need to be set to allow 40-50 gallons per minute to reach the solar pool heater when the system is heating the pool.

In a September 12, 2014 follow up email, Allison said: "Hi Ed: Just want to say thanks. I'm really glad you're still making solar attics. I love mine."

September 5, 2014

"I have been extremely satisfied with your system and have owned it for about four years."

Palmer Rinzel, Indiana

Note: Palmer had an issue with his solar control system, which was unrelated to his PCS3.

August 20, 2014

"SolarAttic system has been working good!"

Mike Melzer, Florida

Note: Mike's installation is 9 years old at this call in which he had some technical questions.

August 19, 2014

"It's been working Great! We love it!"

Carol Adams, Indiana

Note: Carol called and was experiencing an issue with her solar control system.

May 23, 2014

"System works great, just as advertised. I've been talking it up."

Don Butterfield, Missouri

March 6, 2014

"I'm running the system manually using a switch. It's working fine!"

George Warwick, California

Note: George experienced a Jandy controller issue that was unrelated to the SolarAttic pool heater.

December 24, 2013

"Ed, I have been using your solar attic system for many years and I am buying a new home. The pool is in place and I was considering [your] solar system for this home also. What is the current model and price? We will be controlling the system with the Aqualink8 controller.

Charles Little, Georgia

Note: A number of SolarAttic solar pool heater owners have bought second systems after moving to another home with a pool that needed to be heated. The fact that existing customers have thought enough of the attic solar pool heater to purchase second systems is a great testimonials in itself.

September 18, 2013

"I installed the PCS3 in 2010 & am extremely happy with the results!!!! Our long ranch home could never be cooled adequately by our heat pump, but after the installation the pool was not only heated but our home is now more comfortable during the summer months by removing some of the heat from the attic. I managed to break one of my pool temperature sensors so I need the part number & pricing for the thermistor. Thank You"

Palmer Rinzel, Indiana

September 9, 2013

"The PCS2 has been running perfect the last 3-4 years."

Bob Kenny, VT

July 22, 2013

"My Solar Attic has worked great for five years installed in my garage attic above my pool equipment. Instead of using the solar controller, I chose to have the pool water flow through the attic solar pool heater at all times when the filter pump was running (mostly noon to 6 pm) and controlled the fan operation with a simple attic thermostat in series with the main power cord."

Gene Porter, NH

June 29, 2013

"The SolarAttic pool heater is working like a champ. My wife and I love it. I can feel hot water coming out of the system."

Don Butterfield, MO

June 12, 2013

"My PCS1 has now been in operation for 11 years. It has been going good. It has been pretty good."

Everett Tauring
Yorktown Heights, New York

Note: Everett reports he failed to winterize his unit 2 years ago and had to take the water coil to a local radiator repair shop for minor repairs.

June 4, 2013

"The attic solar pool heater has been running pretty well the last 4-5 years. Instead of having to spend $200 per month on natural gas, I am down to around $15 per month to heat my pool."

Dave Canfield
Syracuse, New York

May 29, 2013

"It works great. It does a good job of heating the pool, but, even more
important, is it drops the attic temperature by about 20 degrees on a sunny
day. I would estimate that it is saving us about $50.00 a month in air
conditioning expenses. Last summer during the extreme hot spell we had with
numerous days in the 105 to 110 region, we ended up with the pool being
heated to 106 degrees. Too hot to swim, but I was using it as a heat sink
for the Solar Attic unit."

Mark Goecke
Russellville, Arkansas

May 25, 2013

"I purchased my solar attic pool heating system around May 1999. It has been operating flawlessly for 13 years.

I really love the system as it does work as described. People are amazed at how much warmer my pool is. My daughter lives nearby and sometimes they come over here to swim, even though they have their own pool, but my pool is often at least 10 degrees warmer."

Joe Seibel
Warminster, Pennsylvania

May 17, 2013

"Ed, thanks for the help. The manual was very helpful. I am back up and running ... Just waiting for sunshine and heat. I really love this product!"

Scott Boldt
Faribault, Minnesota

May 16, 2013

"Our SolarAttic heater has been working fine for the past 5 years."

Dan Baieri
Irwin, Pennsylvania

April 23, 2013

"I have a solarattic and have had it for about 10 years. Is there any effect of using a salt water system on the solarattic? [No issue with salt chlorinators in attic solar pool heater!]

Great product, I have recommended it and have a number of friends that use it."

Thank you
Charles Little
Winder, Georgia

April 30, 2013

"Hi Ed- Thanks for your swift reply. I have the PCS1, which I installed in 2005. It has been wonderful, by the way."

San Jose, California

April 23, 2013

"My friend installed the SolarAttic attic solar pool heater last year and recommended it to me."

Jon Watson
Hollis, New Hampshire

March 19, 2013

"It's Wonderful"
"Electric bill is 20% cheaper"
"I think your product is fantastic"

Harry Taylor
Port Orange, Florida

March 18, 2013

"Good afternoon Ed,

Thanks for the quick response on my inquiry.

I looked at your testimonials. Being a prior owner of the first generation
model, I can tell you that the heat exchange rate in West Texas is far
greater than up north. My PCS1 unit operated on both a pool thermometer and
an attic thermometer. The unit was placed in an equipment room (on the
floor discharging thru the wall) adjacent to the pool pump/filter. It did
double duty as a pool heater and as an attic exhaust fan. The suction side
of the fan was ducted up thru the ceiling and drew air in from the top of
the attic. In our area, it is not unusual to see temps greater than 140F in
the attic.

The unit came on when the attic reached 120 to help pull the hot air out and
then when the pool called for heat, a valve would divert pool water thru the
PCS1 to transfer the BTUs of attic heat into the pool water. Otherwise the
PCS1 was just an attic exhaust fan. I had to do this because without the
plumbing to by-pass the PCS1 in the summer time, the pool water would get
too hot.

Your new design will allow me to mount the PCS3 outside of the attic and
have a similar set-up to what I did in 1998.

I will get back to you on the order."


Dan Linebarger

March 16, 2013

"I purchased a PCS1 for my first pool and was very happy with it. I have purchased a new home with a pool and I am interested in another solarattic pool heater."

Dan Linebarger
Midland, Texas

Note: Dan purchased his first solar attic pool heater in 1997!

March 2, 2013 (Date of last forum entry)

Garden Web Site's Attic Solar Pool Heater Discussion

The Garden Web attic pool hater discussion at the link above has comments posted pro and con dating from December 2, 2007 to March 2, 2013 when I visited the site on 9/30/13. If you want a PDF file of the comments that existed on 9/30/13, download it here SolarAttic pool heater discussion PDF.

As the engineer who designed SolarAttic's new alternative attic solar technology, let me point out a few facts I observed about the comments I found on the Garden Web discussion board this day.

  1. SolarAttic appreciates all comments whether they are pro or con, informed or uninformed.
  2. Some comments reflect either fear or profound ignorance of our attic pool heating technology.
  3. Some comments appear to be from solar panel sellers seeking to disparage our technology.
  4. SolarAttic has complete and detailed information on our new solar technology at our web site.
  5. Our heat exchanger is custom designed for pools and cannot be replaced by a simple radiator.
  6. Our attic pool heater has a 20-year design life if you maintain your pool chemistry.
  7. You don't have to wonder about whether our new attic solar technology will work for you.
  8. You will find your answers on our web site. Or, send me your question if you can't.

SolarAttic doe not have the resources to monitor the web for negativity and lies. The Garden Web site discussion board was sent to SolarAttic by a friend. I think the board has some good pros and cons. Above all, you should make an informed decision. Best Regards, SolarAttic


10/1/2013 1:30 a.m. -- Guess what?

I found another online discussion forum about the SolarAttic solar pool heater

Download this second pool forum discussion

February 19, 2013

"I recently moved and this would be my SECOND UNIT!"

Doug Zinke
Ashton, Maryland

Note: Doug purchased his first solar attic pool heater in 2002!

January 21, 2013

"I'm retired from a successful contracting business and need something to do. Regardless, you can use me as a reference, as your [attic solar pool heater] product has worked great for me [since 2001]. I'll look your [dealer program] stuff over within the next several weeks and get back to you."

Steve Kennedy
Fulton, Georgia

Note: Steve has been an attic solar pool heater owner for 12 years and is now considering a dealership in Florida where he planned to retire.

December 26, 2012

Topic: Question

Message: We installed one of your units at our condominium 3 years ago, and have been delighted with the 35% extension of the swimming season.

We are in Jacksonville FL and there are 4 or 5 freezing nights per year. Historically I have just turned the unit on when a freeze was predicted, but I am traveling more and every time someone else touches the unit, it creates a problem.

I would like your recommendations as to and idiot proof fix.

Would a thermocube that turned power on to a low value heat source, such as an incandescent lamp, do the job? Other thoughts?"

Gary Pridgen
Ortega Condominium
Jacksonville, Florida

November 20, 2012

"I am very happy with the attic solar pool heater. I love the system and it works great!"

Daniel Dubay
Oakland, Michigan

October 10, 2012

"I have owned a Solar Attic for 7 years and love it. I am now selling my home because of a government sponsored move. This move allows the government to purchase my house if I don t sell it fast. That's the good news. It does require the contract company facilitating the move to inspect my house to include owner installed options. I have mine installed on chains in the attic with flex PVC. Do you have any recommendations prior to the inspection? I live in Clay County Florida." [No recommendations].

Jim Dougal

August 22, 2012

"I've owned the PCS1 for 13-14 years now. I love the attic solar pool heater and I love bragging about it."

Steve Divnick, OH

July 17, 2012

"Hi Ed,

Just an FYI with the gold line solar controller that I found out the
hard way - if the 'recirculate freeze protection' jumper is enabled,
the float going open circuit will not cause the controller to stop
circulation to the solar attic. This makes sense, but I had not made
the connection. I guess it wasn't really the hard way, as I had to mull
over it a bit while testing the auto shut off.

I finally got it all installed this morning for the hottest day of the
year. So far the pool is up 3 degrees. More interestingly the attic
did not reach over 107 degrees, where I have measured peaks over 140
already this summer. That is bound to make a difference in A/C cost
and in comfort on the 2nd floor.

It has always bothered me as consume large quantities of electricity
on one side of the house to pump heat out of the house into the air,
and at the same time I burn natural gas on the other side of the house
to heat up this large heat sink in the back yard.

I have had lots of positive interest from everyone I mention this to.
You may get more orders from the area."

Thanks for your help
Steve Hauser
Ontario, Canada

July 17, 2012

"It's doing great right now. We have not heated the pool [with fossil fuel] except
for once in the spring. That is saying a lot because I live in the mountains of Utah.
Because of the cool nights the pool drops to around 84 but its back to 88-90
by 2 p.m. That is why I'm so interested in getting the flow rate to the most
efficient level. If I'm pushing more gpm through the unit than is necessary
I'm also wasting power. We want to continue using the pool into the fall so
I'm doing everything I can to minimize heating costs."


June 20, 2012

"Your attic solar pool heater works wonderfully. We love it. I'm in awe!"

Pam Taylor
Port Orange, Florida

Note: Pool is screened, which makes it 8-10 degrees cooler that unscreened. Pam's report was after a period of operation of 9 months.

June 15, 2012

"We purchased our home a year ago and the heater has been working well."

Harry K Taylor
Port Orange, Florida

March 31, 2012

The folks [Wayne's customer] like it, they say the pool gets to about 86 degrees on hot days for them. I had cautioned them on the unit because they have a very well insulated attic that probably on the hottest days only gets to maybe 100 degrees. We won't have that with this next one, I am sure their attic will run up to the 120-130 degree range in the summer.


Wayne Olson
Northern California

March 30, 2012

Rit’s pool and mine are both 18,000g 16’ x 32’ x 3’/8’ vinyl pools. His is 1 mile up the road from mine.
…. Here is what’s left in my phone:
July 4, 2011 08:00 = 79 my pool.
July 4, 2011 17:55 = 84 my pool; 75 Rit’s pool.
July 5, 2011 16:43 = 86 my pool; 75 Rit’s pool.
July 6, 2011 18:11 = 88 my pool
July 7, 2011 05:52 = 76 Rit’s pool.
July 11, 2011 18:35 = 91 my pool; 82 Rit’s pool.

Summer in maine, cover off, 85-93 in mine

Sept 4, 2011 18:37 = 83 my pool; 73 Rit’s pool.

Ray Bergeron

November 10, 2011

"I have a PCS1 which has served very well since 1996." [Coil issue arose after 15 years of use.]

Russell Davis

August 15, 2011

"I have one very happy customer."

Andy Granuzzo
First Coast Viking Pools
Jacksonville, Florida

July 22, 2011

"My customer is happy with the attic solar heater, as it cools down his house."

Los Angeles Dealer

June 10, 2011

"The system is working great & pumping tons of attic heat into my pool!!!"

Thanks Again,
Palmer Rinzel

May 31, 2011

"Works great! [Pool has been] "very nice past three years!"

Dick Stockton
Camario, California

May 25, 2011

"It works great. You made a good product!"

Ray Havlock

May 3, 2011

"Your unit works flawlessly! My friend is interested in it."

Kent Davis
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Note: Kent has a 20x40 ft pool with 35,000 gallons

March 16, 2011

I've had your attic pool heater for 5 years. "I love your product!"

Jim Baxter
New York

July 31, 2010

"SolarAttic pool heater is working great. Neighbor wants me to install one for him."

John Zarling

July 26, 2010

"My PCS2 has been just fine for 6 years now ... love it."

Ray Bergeron

July 21, 2010

"Pool is at 90° F and working pretty well."

Kent C.
Earl's Heating & A/C
Porter, Indiana

July 18, 2010 at 14:13:19

Topic: Testimonial

"This is my second summer with my self-installed Solar Attic unit in my garage attic keeping my nearby pool well above 80 degrees without the bother of putting on a night blanket. I have foregone the use of the automatic controls or the attic thermostat in favor of simply running both the filter and the attic unit on the same timer from 11-5 daily. If it should ever happen that the PM is cloudy and cool we'll merely turn off the solar attic fan without bothering to reroute the water. In short, this is a quality product that serves well ..."

Gene Porter
New Hampshire

June 1, 2010

"I just installed my SolarAttic pool heater and ran it on manual over the Memorial Day weekend. It worked great!"

Chris Lackner
Moseley, Virginia

June 1, 2010

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
Toni McIntyre on Tuesday, June 01, 2010 at 09:24:54

Topic: Testimonial

Message: This note is to tell you that our SolarAttic Pool Heater is working great! After we installed a screen enclosure over our pool last summer, we couldn't get the water temperature above 73 degrees - and we live in South Louisiana where it is HOT for 2/3 of the year. We installed our SolarAttic last Fall so we didn't get to test it until this Spring. It took about a month to bring the winter water up to a comfortable swimming temperature but now it is maintaining it nicely and we are thrilled! Thank you for all of your help and advice with our heater so we can really enjoy our pool.

Sincerely, Toni and Jim McIntyre, Louisiana

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
David Adams on Sunday, January 10, 2010 at 14:36:58

Topic: Question

Message: Hello Solar Attic-
I have enjoyed a second pool season with one of your pool heaters in my attic. Persistent problem is that there is constant air bubbles that appear in the pool jets when the unit runs. Many at first when the unit turns on and then tapers to a steady spray of bubble. we have a 2 story English Tudor Home and (INSIDE the house) I can hear constant burbles, gurgles, and bubbles in the PVC pipes from the riser pipes on the outside of the house. Does your unit have a vacuum relief valve engineered into the system? Installers placed epoxy putty around some of the fittings and that helped about 50% - no waters leaks - just seems to be air leaks into the system. Any ideas? I appreciate any advice. Great Product - I'd just like to see what I could do to make it even MORE efficient!

David Adams, Indiana

Ed's Tech Comment: It is typical for bubbles to enter into the pool upon startup if the system is vacuum reliefed and allowed to drain down during the time the system is off. In this case, the pool water will initially push the air out of the pipes and bubbles will appear temporarily in the pool. IF the bubbles do not disappear within a few minutes, it is indicative of a plumbing issue in which air is being sucked into the pipes at some place. Ergo, it is not an issue specific to the attic solar heater, but a plumbing issue.

July 20, 2009

"[My SolarAttic solar pool heater has been] working great for 10 years." S. D., Ohio

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
Michael Chearney on Tuesday, June 30, 2009 at 23:27:52

Topic: Testimonial

Message: I have used the PCS1 since 1993 to heat my pool. I have been very pleased with the quality, reliability, and safety of your product. It has really made a difference in our pool temperature and has extended our swimming season by several months.
I would highly recommend the PCS1 as a viable and convenient way to channel the use of solar energy to any pool owner.

Michael Chearney
700 Clara Terrace
Bel Air,MD. 21214

Ed's Tech Note: The PCS1 is the first generation Solar Attic pool heater. The second and third generation SolarAttic Pool Heaters have the same performance standards as the first generation unit.

June 23, 2009

"There is a huge difference in temperature in the building when the SolarAttic is running."

City of Sun Ray Texas Municipal Swimming Pool

View video testimonial

June 10, 2009

Article at Chattanooga Times Press by Clint Cooper

"When Kent and Julie Davis built their family's home in Spring Valley five years ago, innovative energy-efficient solutions were practically impossible to come by. Today, with more solutions available and energy savings both practical and smart, the family is trying to retrofit the home.

'It's hard to retrofit a 5 year old house,' Mr. Davis said. 'The real goal is to see what power we can generate to take off the electric grid. We'd like to (eventually) generate as much as we are consuming.' Already the family switched to almost all fluorescent lights has made a measurable difference, he said.

Earlier this year, in thinking about how to efficiently warm the home's 20-foot by 40-foot, Mr. Davis began to research the idea online. A man in Minnesota, it turned out, had done what he had in mind. So he bought both a system for his pool and the rights to be a dealer for the system in the area.

The idea is that the hot air in a home's attic is used to heat the pool. As it does so, when the heat in the attic decreases, the air-conditioning system cooling the house works less and, in effect, uses less energy. When the temperature in the attic over the home's main living area reaches seven degrees above the temperature in the pool, it trips a valve in the pool house and activates the pump. Water is then pumped from the pool through a flexible, 1.5 inch pvc pipe underground, up through the garage to an attic space, then over to the larger attic space.

In the attic, it feeds through a heat exchanger, then flows back down to the pump in the pool house and into the pool. If the pool reaches 85 degrees, the system kicks off.

Since becoming operational in March, the system has provided $20-$40 savings in the monthly home electric bill, Mr. Davis said. The pool, essentially, is heated for free, he said.

While he didn't disclose the cost of the system, he said it would pay for itself in a year to 18 months compared to a $500-$600 monthly bill if the 30,000 gallon pool was heated with a gas heater.

Mr. Davis, who is fascinated with the technology in his ACT Business Machines company, said he and a friend installed the system themselves in a week of working evenings. 'It wasn't difficult,' he said, 'but we didn't know what we were getting into.'

On a recent partly cloudy afternoon, the temperature of the water in the pool at the Davis home was 84 degrees. Without the heating system, it would have been 70ish, Mr. Davis said.

'It's working well,' he said. 'I'm very pleased. We have the perfect climate to use something like this.'

Such a system also might heat a hot tub to the maximum of 104 F recommended by the U.S. Product Safety Commission, Mr. Davis said.

Ed's Note: Full article and pictures of this Tennessee install in located online at the times free press. Go to and search on "cool exchange."

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
tim whitson on Tuesday, June 09, 2009 at 20:23:29

Hello, I purchased a PCS2 unit last summer from a company in London, Ontario called the R.E. Source store. Your product works fantastic! ...
Thanks for a great product,
Tim Whitson
Pickering, Ontario

June 3, 2009

"It's been great. I'm very pleased with the unit. It's basic and beautiful."

Dick Stockton,

Note: Dick's system has been online now for over 8 years.

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
Larry Ondovic on Monday, June 01, 2009 at 13:35:11

Topic: Question

Message: I have one of your solar heaters. I think that it is around 15 years old and I still love it. I need to replace the diverter valves. One of the valve bodies has cracked. Do I need any special valve? I found a 3-way valve at Is this okay?


Shrewsbury, Massachusetts

Note: Larry purchased his system in September 1992 and it has been running for 17 years at the time he wrote this testimonial.

May 31, 2009

"I own a PCS1 which has been in service for several years. It operates perfectly, but I note that you have discontinued it. Do you have a heat exchanger coil that you would like to sell? I realized that at some time in the future the coil will fail and I would like to be prepared with a replacement when the time comes.

It's a great product!


Russ Davis
Bensalem, PA

Note: Russ purchased his SolarAttic pool heater in January 1997. At this point, it has been operating for over 12 years. The unit has a design life of 20 years if pool pH chemistry is maintained between 7.2-7.6.

April 16, 2009
Found at a dealer site online at this link

March 8, 2009

"I have one of your solar pool heater systems. I installed it in 2004 and have enjoyed having it."

Paul Work
Savanna, GA

February 20, 2009 -- GardenWEB Forum Discussion on Heater

February 23, 2009

"I have had one of your heaters for 10 years. I really like the system. I installed it myself and had 10 years of basically free heat in my pool. I have a two story house and the upstairs stays about 10 degrees cooler than without the Solar Attic heater. I have some recommendations regarding winterizing the system in cold climates."

Robert Kearns, Ohio

Note: Two months after this testimonial, Robert purchased 5 PCS2 units and is currently a dealer in Ohio selling and installing the SolarAttic solar pool heater.

From: William Norton
Date: February 6, 2009 5:07:08 PM CST
Subject: Testimonial on Solar Attic

I certainly enjoyed our phone conversation yesterday. I have a Solar Attic System for heating my swimming pool that has been in service for over 12 years and we have been extremely happy with its performance. It has worked flawlessly over that time and has extended our swimming season well into November each year and allowed us to start swimming again as early as the early part of March of each year. Depending on the weather we have been able to begin swimming as early as the end of February. We have a 15 foot by 30 foot pool with a power “safety cover” that we close each night to help us retain the heat overnight during the Fall and Spring. The surprising thing is that the unit costs very little to operate and has the added benefit of cooling the attic which makes our air conditioning of the house much more efficient. What little we spend on the electricity to run the system we more than recoup in the lower costs of cooling the house. By comparison, my son, with a similar size pool and a gas heater, spends hundreds of dollars to heat his pool each month. Granted, we do not achieve the optimal 84 degrees that he does until a few weeks into the season, but the cost savings are worth accepting a pool in the mid 70s for a few weeks just to be able to enjoy swimming. I would like to thank you and your company for the innovative design, superb installation, and excellent service.

September 17, 2008

The SolarAttic solar pool heater is a great product and it works great. I've had it four years now."

Mark Stephanick
Ashbury, NJ

September 8, 2008

"I was one click away from ordering roof panels when I discovered SolarAttic - clearly a timely green solution to my high gas heater bills for my 22K gal pool here in New Hampshire. My two story garage is adjacent to the pool, contains the plumbing, and the attic air is 95-100 degrees on a normal sunny afternoon. Seemed perfect set up and now, after one month with no gas usage, it is keeping the pool well above 80 degrees. I was in such a hurry to get it installed that I wired it in series with the filter pump timer, so both run from noon to six PM every day. I will wire up the temperature controls soon so that I don't inadvertently blow colder air over warmer pool water on the coming cloudy days.

SolarAttic deserves much wider publicity - even at these northern latitudes. I expect it will have paid for itself by Columbus Day 2009."

Gene Porter
Nashua NH

August 26, 2008

"I just wanted to let you know the video testimonial that I did for the WNEP 16 Television station about our SolarAttic Solar Pool Heater aired on August 9, 2008. The WNEP video link failed on 9/23/13
It is located at WNEP 16's Home and Backyard, 8-9-08, Part 2. [In case link is changed at this site.] If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks,

John Krohn
490 Kuster Road
Selinsgrove, PA 17870

June 11, 2008

"I bought the unit over a year ago, but have just recently got it all hooked up. I have my spa and pool water common and when I want to heat my spa I turn off the pool and the spa is over 100 degrees in less than an hour. I have talked up the unit with all my neighbors and passed on the web site so I hope it helps your sales."

Donald Bryant
Ormand Beach, FL

May 26, 2008 as Posted on YouTube

Comment from rbergeron:

"Installed mine 3 yrs ago ... I open the pool in mid May at 45 degrees water ... we get 70 degrees by June 1, 80 degree water by June 15, have 85-90 degree water till Sept then it drops to 80 till Sept 10, then to 75 by Sept 20 ... [And, that is what we get] IN MAINE!"

May 8, 2008


Here is my testimonial:

We live in Central Florida and were looking for an economical and environmentally sound way to heat our pool.  After looking at regular solar panels, we did not want to attach them to our roof.  When I found out about the SolarAttic [solar pool heater], I was intrigued, because it could heat our pool and [also] cool our house.

I installed the unit, and was immediately impressed.  Within a few days, I had our pool over 90 degrees, while our attic, usually inaccessible due to the heat in summer, was bearable.  We found that our air conditioner ran less than prior to installation.  If anything, the unit was too efficient, and made the pool too warm!

We moved out of that house and into our dream house a few years later, never having any problem with our SolarAttic [solar pool heater].  We are now in our new house, and just installed our pool and spa, and once again, we are now going to be SolarAttic users again.  I would NEVER imagine putting those ugly black panels up on the roof of our home.

SolarAttic is one of those rare [companies who have] products that solves more than one challenge.  If I can take the unwanted heat out of my house and put it in the pool, sign me up.

Michael Johnson
Celebration Florida

February 6, 2008


"I certainly enjoyed our phone conversation yesterday. I have a SolarAttic System [solar pool heater] for heating my swimming pool that has been in service for over 12 years and we have been extremely happy with its performance. It has worked flawlessly over that time and has extended our swimming season well into November each year and allowed us to start swimming again as early as the early part of March of each year. Depending on the weather we have been able to begin swimming as early as the end of February. We have a 15 foot by 30 foot pool with a power “safety cover” that we close each night to help us retain the heat overnight during the Fall and Spring. The surprising thing is that the unit costs very little to operate and has the added benefit of cooling the attic which makes our air conditioning of the house much more efficient. What little we spend on the electricity to run the system we more than recoup in the lower costs of cooling the house. By comparison, my son, with a similar size pool and a gas heater, spends hundreds of dollars to heat his pool each month. Granted, we do not achieve the optimal 84 degrees that he does until a few weeks into the season, but the cost savings are worth accepting a pool in the mid 70s for a few weeks just to be able to enjoy swimming. I would like to thank you and your company for the innovative design, superb installation, and excellent service." 

W Norton, Mesa, Arizona

November 19, 2007

"I have the solar pool heater installed in my vacation home in Orlando. It works great." Nick, Orlando FL Note: Nick lives and works in England

September 20, 2007

"I have a 15,000 gallon screened in pool. I get 2-3 degrees F increase per day and my pool is 6-7 degrees warmer than a neighbor's unheated pool. I turn it off when the pool gets to 91 degrees F. For the most part, I'm very happy with it." M Melzer, Titusville FL Note: He had water in the automatic valve operator. This was not the solar attic pool heater, but a part of the automation control system.

September 17, 2007

"I've had my attic solar pool heater installed now for seven years. I love the system." F Wall, Columbus MS

September 15, 2007

"I've owned your solar pool heater for 11 years. I love the pool heater and it works great!" J Hanberry, Foxworth MS

August 29, 2007

"I purchased your solar pool heater 7 years ago. I have a 45x20 large inground pool and your solar pool heater keeps the pool around 85 degrees. I only used my gas heater once in May when I opened my pool. I am very happy with your product." M Miller, Whippany NJ

August 22, 2007

"My SolarAttic solar pool heater, which I installed about 20 months ago, is doing fine. I am glad that the company is still functioning, because people ask me about it a lot. Right now we are at 84 degrees. The SolarAttic sort of air conditions the house during heat waves. This year I plunged into the pool on March 17. It was chilly, but swimmable." A Heisch, San Jose CA

August 20, 2007

"I installed the SolarAttic solar pool heater into Depitto's home. It raised the pool from 70 degrees to 90 degrees in only one week. I was stunned and very impressed on how well your solar pool heater worked. My customer begged me to install this system for 60 days. The system was very easy to install." Albert
Capital Sun Group, Falls Church, Virginia

July 25, 2007

"Works great. Maintains my pool at 85+ degrees and I have a large 25,000 gallon pool." J Connelly, Sacramento CA

July 17, 2007

"Easy to install. Awesome product; it works great! Brought my pool up to 88 degrees F in only 3 days." C Romig, Emmaus PA

July 10, 2007

"Heating pool fine." D Peterson, Jacksonville FL

July 2, 2007

"[Your solar pool heater] is doing a great job! In six hours, it heated the pool 5 degrees." D Heflin, Cincinnati OH

June 19, 2007

"Working fine. Keeps pool 89-90 degrees." S Sherry, Sacramento CA

June 10, 2007

"The unit works great and my pool is much warmer now." J Richardson, FL

May 30, 2007

"I installed the PCS2 in the summer of 2005 and it has been great." R Thomas, MI

April 30, 2007

"I've owned the system five years now; very good overall. I really like it."
J Dockson, Sarasota FL

May 25, 2007

"[Just a short note] to let you know the unit is working great. This is a great product and I'm very happy with it." M Kniznik, NY

November 9, 2006

"I've owned the system for five years. It works!" K Vaskovsky, Orlando FL

October 30, 2006

"Your solar pool heater really works great! I'm real happy with the heater, which has been working like a champ. It keeps my pool at 85-90 degrees F and I have a large 36,000 gallon pool. It cools my house noticeably." S Dibble, Newtown PA

September 11, 2006

"A friend of mine, Howard Muffler, installed his SolarAttic solar pool heater this spring and says its the best and most economical pool heating system available."
K Cole, Port Orange FL

August 27, 2006

"I didn't see any testimonials on your site from Georgia, so thought I would add one. I installed one of your solar pool heaters (with an automatic valve system) two pool seasons ago. I did it myself and it was not what I would call a trivial task (plumbing and electrical run from ground level to rather low attic above 2nd floor), but not terribly complicated, tither. I just had to work early in the mornings, as I did the work in April and our attic is usually unbearably hot by 10AM then.

Your system seems very simple and well-built, two good features in my book. I have not quantified the performance, but when I can feel warm water coming out of the jet on a hot day, I know it is working as intended. I program the pump to run in the afternoons and the thermostat activates the system as needed. I installed this simply to extend our season; our pool already reached 90F in mid-summer, without any heater or a cover. Some day I will add a cover to extend the season further.

Keep up the good work. I decided to visit your site to look for new products while browsing for solar water heater options. My house dates to 1920, but there's no reason it can't be modernized a bit to reduce energy consumption."

P Work, Savannah, Georgia

August 25, 2006

"[System is] working beautiful. Keeps pool at 86-88 degrees F." Tim
Aloha Pool Service, New Jersey

August 21, 2006

"I'm content. Been working [fine] for my money. By June I am swimming in 89-92 degree temperatures." J Linkletter, Orange Park, FL

July 7, 2006

"I installed the system I purchased from you several months ago. It is working great. On repeat sunny days, our 30,000 gallon pool is at 93 degrees. I love it."
E DuBuisson, Slidell, Louisiana

June 5, 2006

"Our SolarAttic solar pool heater has been working pretty good. Keeps pool at
86-87." J Baxter, Glen head, New York.

June 2, 2006

"Thank you for your quick and accurate response! The problem was a minor leak in the pipe connection leading to the unit. I replaced the connection and secured the pipes better to reduce movement. This solved the problem right away and we have been back in business ever since. The system worked perfectly to let me know something was wrong and to prevent water damage. Thanks again!"
R Thomas, Ann Arbor, Michigan

May 13, 2006

"I have used my PCS1 [solar pool heater] since 1999 and have been extremely pleased with its performance and ease of use. I have had the water over 95 degrees, but generally keep it around 82 to 85 degrees all summer. I LIKE IT! Yes, the season is extended by at least two weeks on each end of the season, I think. I normally get things opened around the first of May and if the weather permits am swimming by the second or third week. I also know we can swim all the way through September." M Attenberger, Grove City OH

May 3, 2006

"My unit is working fine." C Little, Winder, Georgia

April 25, 2006

"My system was installed in 1996 and has operated successfully until now." R Hill, Naples FL

Note: Bob had an issue with the electronic control the automated his unit..

April 19, 2006

"Works great! I'm tickled to death!" C Longanecker, Mobile, Alabama

April 10, 2006

"Summer in Maine stops rather abruptly the third week of August. [However] On September 17-18 we had 23 of my son's hock friends over for his birthday party. The pool was a record warm of 78~75 and the air was only 71F max! After the party, I stopped heating and closed the pool. Man what a great [swimming] year [with the SolarAttic solar pool heater].

Thanks Ed for producing such a great unit!" R Bergeron, Lewiston, Maine

April 8, 2006

"I was very pleased with the results of the SolarAttic solar pool heater. The pool was heated at the cost of running the fan on the solar pool heater heat exchanger. The secondary benefit of keeping the attic cool was also realized. After I stopped the temperature logging, the pool temperature reached the upper 80's and remained there through mid-September. I recommend the solar attic heater to anyone I know who is thinking about adding a heater to a new or existing pool." M Poirier, Bear, Delaware

February 23, 2006

"I purchased your system back in about 1991 and have had 14+ years of trouble free service. ... How long should your system last?" M Lathouwers, Long Beach, California -- Answer: The SolarAttic solar pool heater has a 20-year design life.

January 13, 2006

"I've contacted several of your customers and for the most part they are THRILLED with your solar attic unit [solar pool heater]." C Haring, Deland, FL

January 8, 2006

"I honestly have had a very satisfying business experience with you. You're effort to supply feedback and status updates is exceptional when compared with the other mail/online order companies that I've encountered." G Calica, Viera, Florida

November 30, 2005

"I have a sales and marketing background and love the product. We had the original unit and it was amazing. I could enter my attic in Central Florida in the middle of summer and not feel like I was on the verge of sweating to death. The pool was always warm and our a/c bills dropped significantly." M Johnson, Davenport, Florida

November 3, 2005

"Works Great! Pool at 88 Degrees [F] all summer long!" S McLaughlin, Cleveland, Ohio

October 9, 2005

"[Ed], I installed a SolarAttic [pool heater] in our home in 2003. Works flawlessly -- pools hot, house is cool. I appreciated your help and professionalism despite very hard times and hope you are well. Let me know if you need business contacts in this area." Paul McWhirter, MD, Lafayette, California [Note: Ed's wife died of cancer in 2003.]

September 30, 2005

"Ed, I already purchased and installed my unit and it works great! I still have an interest in being a distributor in NJ for your product." M Stephanick, Asbury, NJ

September 27, 2005

"I'm a happy SolarAttic owner of eight years' duration." J Wittmer, Boerne, TX

September 15, 2005

"Early last year I purchased and installed a PCS2 from your company. I have been happy with my purchase and have recommended your product to several friends." Thomas Soller, Indianapolis, Indiana

September 12, 2005

"Ed, I have spoken to my Uncle. He is very happy with the unit. I believe he has had it about 4-5 years now and he truly enjoys the extra heat, especially living up in Massachusetts." John Adams, Commack, New York [Note: Uncle Richard Adams lives in Berlin, Mass.]

July 13, 2005

"ED - Just a note. Heater works as advertised, bills are down, temp is up in pool; have had it up to 90 degrees." Paul Martucci, Fairfield, New Jersey

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