Automatic System Package

Auto System Package

  • PCS3 Convection Unit
  • PCS3 Installation Manual
  • GL-235 Solar Control
  • Built In Control Relay
  • Attic Temperature Sensor
  • Water Temperature Sensor
  • Super Flow Bypass T-Valve
  • 24vac Valve Operator
Image of the solar pool heater model PCS3

GL-235 Solar Control

GL-235 Solar Controller Specs

Solar Pool Heater Controller Manual

24vac Valve Operator
Mounts on top of
Super Flow 2" T-Valve
Powered by GL-235 Control

Sensors in front of GL-235

Built In Relay turns PCS3
On & Off automatically

How To Wire GL-235

Typical Wiring Diagram

Typical Plumbing Diagram

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Frequently asked questions about operating the PCS3 Solar Pool Heater