Hot Attic? Then get into a warm pool
with SolarAttic's Solar Pool Heater PCS2!

(The PCS2 is no longer in production. Go here.)
Solar Without Panels!

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WARNING: Natural gas reached $1.30 per therm in January 2001. With this high gas price, you could easily incur monthly costs of $500 to $700 and more to simply operate a natural gas swimming pool heater depending upon the size of your pool and its energy dynamics. Download the eBook below to analyze your pool heating costs and to learn how to create an energy efficient swimming pool. Don't get caught off guard by exorbitant operating costs for natural gas, propane, other fossil fuel pool heaters or even pool heat pumps. At current high energy rates, SolarAttic's pool heater will pay for itself in one-three season's savings on gas operating costs. It's a fast payback, even against pool heat pumps.

How To Create An Energy Efficient Swimming Pool

SolarAttic's solar pool heater is a historical development in energy technology. SolarAttic developed its second generation attic solar pool heater after over 15 years of field experience with its first generation attic solar pool heater. The first generation attic solar pool heater demonstrated that it could perform on par with a panel solar pool heater. This means that our solar pool heater is capable of adding up to six weeks on each side of your swimming season. Plus, our solar pool heater provides the whole family with a more enjoyable swimming season. The cost to operate the attic solar pool heater is typically only $10 to $15 per month. This operating cost of the solar pool heater is offset by energy savings in the form of reduced air conditioning costs. The SolarAttic solar pool heater cools your home as it heats your pool. Customers have told us that this results in a 25-35% reduction in air conditioning costs. If your pool pump is slaved to the solar pool heater electronic control, it will maximize energy savings and together with cooling your attic -- can often mean reductions in current utility bills. This is true even without considering the outrageous costs of heating a swimming pool.