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Solar Pool Heater
Okay For Use In Salt Water Pools

Dear Pool Owner,

The SolarAttic pool heater is fully compatible with all salt chlorinators [chemical dispensers], which many people misinterpret to mean that they have a salt water pool. They do not have a salt water pool. What they have is a chlorine dispenser that uses salt to create the chlorine. The salt may be dumped directly into the pool or be placed into a storage container for use in generating chlorine.

Real salt water pools are pools that have ocean or sea water in them. The SolarAttic pool heater is incompatible with an actual ocean or sea water pool. The salinity in the pools that use salt chlorinators is typically 1/3rd the salinity of tear drops in the human eye. As a result ...

The SolarAttic solar pool heater has no known problems with salt chlorinators of any type as long as the chlorinators [chemical dispensers] are installed or plumbed so that it is downstream of the attic heater. This statement pertains to all types of chlorinators or chemical dispensers of any type used with pools.

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