Customer Video Testimonials

WFLA-8 Florida
TMPA-10 Florida
KDFA-10 Texas
WGRZ-2 New York
WCTV-2 Florida
WNEP-16 Pennsylvania

Viewing Videos Online: The links above allow you to view the videos online from either YouTube or another online video distribution site. Alternatively, a link is provided to download the video in Quicktime movie format from SolarAttic's server. IF you have trouble viewing the videos online, go directly to YouTube and search for SolarAttic pool heater videos to view them directly from the YouTube site links.

Downloading: The download links found on the pages linked above are for Quicktime movie files [.mov format]. For PC's, right click on the download line and select "save target as" to download the .mov file. For Mac's, control click and select "download linked file" option. These Quicktime movie files will only download from SolarAttic's server; they will not play directly. Once the .mov file is downloaded, you can play them on any video player that plays Quicktime movie [.mov] files.