Automatic+ System Package

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Auto+ System Package

  • PCS3 Convection Unit
  • PCS3 Installation manual
  • GL-235 Solar Control
  • Built In Control Relay
  • Attic Temperature Sensor
  • Water Temperature Sensor
  • Super Flow Bypass Valve
  • 24vac Valve Operator
Image of the solar pool heater model PCS3

GL-235 Solar Control

2 Inch Solar Bypass Valve

24vac Valve Operator
[Mounts on top of valve]
[Powered by control]
Sensors in front of GL-235
Built In Relay turns PCS3
On & Off automatically

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SolarAttic solar pool heaters solar controller

The Mark Urban Valves

Notice: The Mark Urban Flowreversal valves at the right are no longer available due to his death in 2010. Click the link below for the Flowreversal Pool Technology using the Palmer Flowreversal Module Kit.

Heat your pool in 1/3rd the time at 1/3rd the cost
with the Palmer Flowreversal Module!


Frequently asked questions about operating the PCS3 Solar Pool Heater


Notice: Effective March 13, 2014, the Auto+ System is once again available from SolarAttic using the Palmer Flowreversal Module Kit.