Solar Pool Heater
Installation Mounting Options

Installation options for the PCS3 attic solar pool heater include being mounted inside or outside

The Heat Transfer Objective

The heat transfer objective of using the attic solar pool heater is to obtain access to the airflow underneath the roof deck. The actual cubic air space inside of the attic is not what matters. It is collection of the airflow under the roof deck that matters. Air itself does not hold heat very well. By installing the attic solar pool heater so that air flows under the roof deck inside the attic and into the heat exchanger fin side [input], the roof becomes the solar collector in SolarAttic pool heating technology.

Inside or Outside of the Attic

The attic solar pool heater can be mounted inside the attic, which is preferred. Or, it can be mounted external to an attic either embedded as a part of the roof structure or on a gable end. The above 1988 document shows these methods for the PCS1. The PCS2 and current production model PCS3 have the same option. Alternatively, the heat exchanger can be mounted on the floor of a garage attic and the air from the underside of the roof deck can be routed to the input of the heat exchanger at the fins. Download the PDF document to gain a better look at the notes on the drawing. Be sure to observe the caution bullet points such as keep the unit horizontal for proper operation of the internal lead detection float.

Download Installation Methods PDF