Top 25 Questions Answered

  1. What are the benefits of the attic solar pool heater?
  2. Can the PCS3 be used in salt water pools?
  3. What is the heat exchanger made of?
  4. Do I need to be concerned about leaks?
  5. Are there different sizes for the SolarAttic Pool Heater?
  6. Can I heat my pool 12 months a year?
  7. What is the current freight cost to ship the PCS3?
  8. What pipe is the inlet to the PCS3?
  9. Can other solar controls be used with the PCS3?
  10. Can the PCS3 be automated at a later date?
  11. What is the retail price of the PCS3 pool heater?
  12. What is the retail price of the Automation solar control?
  13. Where is pricing found on SolarAttic's site?
  14. How do I obtain current product pricing?
  15. Can the PCS3 just plug into a standard 115vac outlet?
  16. Will the PCS3 vent my attic in the summer?
  17. Can a Jandy valve/operator be used with the GL-235?
  18. Does the GL-235 use 115vac or 230vac?
  19. How much current does the GL-235 use?
  20. How is the PCS3 wired to the GL-235?
  21. Will the solar control detect cold temperatures?
  22. Can the PCS3 be used with an attic temperature switch?
  23. How should the PCS3 be operated. What is recommended?
  24. Why is flex PVC pipe recommended for use in the attic?
  25. What PVC pipe size is recommended?


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