Solar Pool Heater
Heat Exchanger System Package PCS2

solar pool heater model pcs2 as shipped with system packages consisting only of the heat exchanger
Heat Exchanger
  • PCS2 Convection Unit
  • PCS2 Technical manual
  • Buyer supplies controls

NOTICE: Purchasing the SolarAttic solar pool heater PCS2 heat exchanger by itself assumes that you have the support equipment locally to either run it manually or automate it. The solar pool heater PCS2 will work with all standard solar control systems. Programmable controls require that the solar pool heater be programmed in order to operate. The solar pool heater heat exchanger requires a bypass valve for manual operation at a bare minimum. Plumbing it directly into the pool support system and simply turning it on renders the system ineffective since it will both heat and cool the pool depending upon temperature conditions. Cooling can offset the heating and that is why SolarAttic recommends automating its solar pool heater. Note: Linear temperature sensors in programmable controls must be properly wired through the solar pool heater's internal float or else the system will not turn on. This requires observing the polarity of the linear sensor.

First Generation Green Machine Solar Pool Heater