Solar Pool Heater
Compool LX220 Automation
For Model PCS1

The PCS1 can have a manual on/off function if desired. Simply have a manual bypass valve and a manual power on switch. The problem with this is that the PCS1 is capable of cooling down a warm pool instead of heating it up. It will accomplish this if the attic is cooler than the pool water. Using a manual setup can leave you guessing as to what is really happening.

Without an automatic method of controlling the PCS1, optimum heat collection from solar radiation will not be possible. In addition, the leak protection float inside the PCS1 only works in the automatic mode of the LX220 solar controller.

Many types of solar controllers exist. SolarAttic specifies the Compool Corporation's LX220 Solar Controller because Compool has a proven history of reliable products. SolarAttic has had several years of experience with Compool's superior products. SolarAttic does not support other solar controllers.

Full automation is accomplished by the LX220 operating in AUTO. Follow Compool Corporation's installation instructions as shipped with the LX220.

LX220 Installation Process

1. Physically mount the LX220 on a wall close to the support system. Note that the valve operator cable must connect to the valve operator located on top of the bypass valve. [The LX220 cable must reach the valve.]

2. Supply 220 vac power to the LX220 [or 110 vac].

3. Connect the LX220 internal leads for the correct voltage [220vac as shipped].

4. Wire the internal relay with 220 vac. This relay plugs into the PMP position on the printed circuit board.

NOTE: The SWP plug refers to another optional relay that is used when a polaris pool vac is used. This relay is used to delay the sweep's booster pump from operating during the initial 4 minutes of solar startup. It prevents air bubbles from entering and damaging the booster pump.

5. Connect the output of the relay to the PCS1 using one set of contacts.

NOTE: This assumes that the wiring of the pump's power will be slaved to the LX220 controller. If not, use both relay contacts for the PCS1 power.

6. Connect the output of the relay to the Pump using the second set of contacts.

7. Wire the auxiliary timer and other devices as may be necessary.

8. Connect the attic temperature sensor wires to the SOL terminals on the inside of the LX220. It does not make any difference which way the wires are connected.

NOTE: The LX220 is shipped with nonpolarized 10K thermistor sensors.

9. Connect the pool water temperature sensor wires to the WTR terminals on the inside of the LX220. It does not make any difference which way the wires are connected. See note above.

10. Connect the valve operator plug to the VLV socket.

11. Close up the front electrical panel of the LX220 and apply power.

12. Test the LX220 by switching from OFF to ON [manual override]. Observe the bypass valve operator turn on; pump turn on; and, PCS1 turn on.

13. Test the automatic mode by turning the thermostat up and down and observing startup and stop while the LX220 is in AUTO.

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