Solar Pool Heater
Pool Equipment Pad Features
Photo Courtesy Of Max Fisher Pools

[solar pool heater plumbing installation showing 28 features of the pool equipment pad components installed for the solar pool heater model pcs1]

Plumbing Features Shown Above

  1. PCS1 Heat Exchanger (In Attic)
  2. Automatic Temperature Controller
  3. Timer for min. runtime of pump
  4. Automatic Pool Vacuum
  5. Automatic Bypass Valve for PCS1
  6. Automatic Flowreversal Valve
  7. Proportioner Valve (Intake flow)
  8. Proportioner Valve (Skimmer/Vac)
  9. Check Valve (on main drain for vac)
  10. Flow Balancing Valve (vac)
  11. Power control panel
  12. Water Temperature Sensor
  13. Filter
  14. Pump Motor
  15. Filter Backwash Valve
  16. Backwash Drain Line
  17. PCS1 Inlet Line
  18. PCS1 Outlet Line
  19. Equipment Pad Return Line
  20. Return Line To/From Pool
  21. Main Drain Line To/From Pool
  22. Skimmer Suction Line
  23. Pool Vac Line
  24. Pump Intake Line
  25. Pump Discharge Line
  26. Compool Valve Operator (Auto)
  27. Mark Urban Valve Operator (Auto)
  28. Strainer Basket

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