Solar Pool Heater
Alternative Wiring A

Polaris Pool Vac


Description of Operation

This pool was equipped with both a filtration pump and a polaris booster pump [for cleaning the pool via a polaris vacuum sweep]. Both pumps were wired directly from the power panel through different [and adjacent] circuit breakers. Each pump had its own "manual" on/off switch. Each pump was wired to operate off of 110 vac. Because of adjacent circuit breakers being used, 220 vac was present at the support system manual switch boxes.

Wiring the LX220 was accomplished directly above the manual on/off switches. 110 vac was taken from each manual switch for use in the LX220 as 220 vac for the PCS1. The LX220 itself could have been wired to operate from either 110 vac or 220 vac. The PCS1 requires 220 vac at 1.8 amperes.

The 110 vac from the filtration pump was fed back to the other side of the manual switch. This allowed automatic operation or manual operation of the filtration pump.

Operation of the polaris vac sweep is accomplished manually when both switches are on. During this cleaning operation, solar heat collection occurs automatically when the bypass valve turns on routing the pool's water through the PCS1. Automatic operation of the polaris vac sweep can be accomplished via a second internal sweep relay inside the LX220 [optional].

The booster pump must not be operated when the filter pump is off and the PCS1 should not be equipped with a solar drain down kit unless a sweep delay relay is used in the LX220 to delay the startup of the booster pump! This prevents air bubbles from getting into the booster pump during PCS1 startup.

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