Solar Pool Heater
Alternative Wiring Option B

Pump On Timer

[solar pool heater wiring option B from SolarAttic illustrates how to wiring solar pool heaters with the Compool LX220 when a pool pump timer is being used in the pool's support system]

Description of Operation

This pool was equipped with a 110 vac pump that was connected to a timer. The location of the pump, timer and PCS1 made wiring the pump to the LX220 controller a challenge. It was also the customer's desire to leave the pump wiring as it was. Leave it wired to 110 vac.

NOTE: Most pool pumps can be wired to operate off of either 110 vac or 220 vac by simply adjusting a jumper inside the rear panel of the pump. In such a case, the pump can be switched to 220 vac and rewired at the circuit breaker panel for 220 vac. This would enable 220 vac to be present at the pump's location making power convenient for wiring the LX220 and PCS1 [directly at the support system location]. It also minimizes wiring needs when dealing with a 110 vac pump.

Wiring the PCS1 [alternate diagram B] uses both relay contacts in the LX220.

The pump operates off of the timer. In order for the solar collection process to occur, it is important for the pump to operate during the time that the PCS1 would operate. Setting the timer to operate from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. should cover the width of time that the solar collection process occurs.

The timer width of 12 hours can be adjusted downward by observing either the PCS1 fan or the LX220's SOLAR ON light to determine when it turns on and off.

After observing solar on and off times, simply adjust the timer to operate during your local solar collection process time. This is estimated to be about 10 hours per day based on current experience.

No solar collection occurs unless the pump is on while the PCS1 fan is on.

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