Solar Pool Heater
Alternative Wiring Option C

Pump + PCS1 On Timer

[SolarAttic alternative solar pool heater wiring option C for use when both the solar pool heater and the pump are on the same timer or synchronized timers.]

Description of Operation

This pool was equipped with a 220 vac pump that was connected to a timer. Both sets of timer contacts were wired to run the pump. The customer purchased a "MANUAL SYSTEM" and desired to use the timer to control both the pump and the PCS1.

Wire 220 vac from the timer to the PCS1. Wiring the PCS1 in this alternate diagram C requires the use of one set of the timer's power contacts. The other set is used for the pool's pump.

NOTE: Some pool pumps are 110 vac. In such a case, 220 vac must be ran to the timer for use by the PCS1 [via the second set of power contacts].

Both the pump and the PCS1 operate off of the same timer. The timer is set to operate from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m. on sunny days. This covers part of the time that the solar collection process occurs. In a fully automated system, the solar collection process could start earlier and run later if heat is available.

Another approach to using timers for low cost semi-automatic operation is to simply use a different [second] timer for the PCS1. Make sure that both timers are synchronized or the solar collection process will be degraded.

The PCS1 will cool down the pool if the attic is colder than the pool water!

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