Solar Pool Heater Control
Compool LX220 Outside Photos

Compool's LX220 Solar Control


Shown above: LX220 control, RLY-SC power relay,
Bypass valve with valve operator installed, instructions.


LX220 Automates The PCS1



Opening The Front Cover

Note: wiring instructions are on inside of front cover.



Wiring Instructions


How To Wiring The Power To LX220 (On the cover)


The Control Panel

Full automatic control of your pool's temperature.


General Operating Instructions

1. Set the thermostat to a relative position. We suggest you set it at maximum until the pool starts to get too warm. This will keep the solar heating process going at maximum.

2. As the pool gets warmer, you can start to lower the thermostat until you find the setting you like best.

3. Place the AUTO/OFF/ON switch to AUTO.


See LX220 Inside Photos

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